About Sabiologun Dynasty

The patriarch Sabiologun was one of Fagbemi’s son. Fagbemi migrated to present Ilesa possibly from Oyo Alaafin. 

From eulogy (oriki)One of the lines reads: “Omo olowo Oyo, Omo Elerukumu keje lese gbagede” which suggest that Fagbemi hails from Oyo Alaafin the administrative headquarter of the old Oyo empire, now in the present Oyo State. 

Fagbemi arrived at Ilesa possibly in the middle of the 18th century. He settled in Igbogi, Ilesa. 

Fagbemi had six children, namely: - 

  1. Sabiologun 
  2. Faese 
  3. Fatofehinti 
  4. Ojohunmi 
  5. Ifasunmi 
  6. Fajode 

Fagbemi, a farmer by occupation was blessed with six children named above. Our lineage from Fagbemi’s 6 children is Sabiologun which would the starting point of this ancestry history. 

Sabiologun, our Great, Great grandfather possibly had many wives and as his name suggests, he practices herbal medicine. The name came about that after giving a patient his/her prescription he would add the phrase (Saa-bi-Ologun-Tiwi) meaning use as prescribed. 

Amongst Sabiologun many wives were Yeye’Dole, which we all descended from. Yeye ‘Dole is of interest to all of us because she’s our ancestral great grandmother.

Yeye’Dole had four children for Sabiologun, namely: - 

  1. Babalawo Ajayi-Oromu 
  2. Iya Ara 
  3. Gbadamosi Omole 
  4. Oni (AKA Iya Ita-Offa) 

History had it that Babalawo Ajayi-Oromu and his junior brother Gbadamosi Omole moved from Igbogi Ilesa to buy the area now known as Oromu and settled there. Both brothers were farmers /native doctors by occupation.